Honorverse redux

First, a brief interlude.
My opportunities with my 3D hobby modelling have been severely impacted with job commitments and work on the house. I have about 2 hours a day available to do anything outside the job and my wife, deservedly, would like those. Weekends are consumed with the house remodel (which has so far resulted in one crushed – seriously – finger). The house will hopefully be ‘done’ sometime in October.


After more than a month of nothing I have eked out some time to relax and CG model. I am back, as titled, to the Honorverse at the moment. I recently read House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion and a large section of the book is sort of a Jane’s Military review of ships in this series of books. From that, and with my own ideas of how to translate the ships from word to visual, I have started redoing my own (unfinished) designs. I am staying away from named classes as that just invites fan wrath. Also, I saw over at SFM a thread (MaxxRush) doing much the same thing under the BuNine banner (Honor fans know what that is). We clearly have differences of opinion on certain design elements which is fine. This is for fun.

Attached image shows how I have changed things a bit and I started at the bottom with a destroyer. I have mocked in every ship type up to super dreadnaughts but here I have started adding detail.

1) Missile hatch no longer recessed but more like contemporary sub hatches. In the books they make reference to being able to easily blow these off if jammed. Recessed hatches are more work (real life) and would be more costly.
2) Point defense lasers on swivels. These are last defense and my original design, on pods, had too restrictive a field of fire.
3) Mainline engine / thruster smaller and attached to hammer. The forward and aft ‘hammers’ would not have been able to accommodate room for weapons and engines. These are only for station keeping and orbital ingress / egress and my original take was not in keeping with the book descriptions.
4) Impeller wedge guide. These (one seen in image) are like rigging to help form and maintain the wedge (which propels the ship).
5) Hatch for escape pods (just the one at this moment) and an example of secondary sensors for missile and energy weapons. The books talk to this capability of independent control if main targeting goes down.
6) Radar (or future analog).
7) GRASER no longer a recessed weapon. More a concession to having some widget look to the ship.

Not here (yet) various sensors for communication, counter missile hatches and POD tractor mounts. Obviously many of these items will be cloned to represent the various instances per ship.


Honor Harrington Ship

Will never be seen – I roughed in the missile tubes, launcher, storage, energy weapons and shuttle bays. Everything fits with room for things like engines, power and life support, escape pods, storage for reactor mass, food stuff and – yes – crew! So the size and layouts I come up with seem to make sense if this were a real ship.


~ by cp40guy on August 21, 2014.

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