Texture Inspiration – Part 2

Here is another real world object that is a great visual study for textures. It is the absolutely incredible Lun-class Ekranoplan of the Soviet Navy. It’s NATO name was duck and for those unfamiliar it is a GEV (Ground Effect Vehicle) and not a plane or hovercraft. The Ekranoplan is actually a ship that happens to float above the water 🙂 ! Only 1 was ever built but it was operational for many years. I would have loved to see this thing zooming across the water.

I came across this blog site (referenced on IO9) and was amazed at the enormous amount of hi-resolution photos – see Igor113 site here – of the Ekranoplan. The guys blog (in Russian) has lots of amazing stuff on it if your into planes. There are other entries later in his journal on the interior of this beast as well.

But back to it.

Here are two examples for the site I find as inspiration for texture design.

Ekranoplan Missiles
Ekranoplan Side


~ by cp40guy on July 1, 2014.

3 Responses to “Texture Inspiration – Part 2”

  1. That’s really cool, and not just as a source of texture inspiration. I did some reading on the vehicle itself. It sounds like it was successful and it was in service around a decade, I wonder why the Russians decided not to build any more. My best guess would be it was a cost issue.

    • I think you hit it on the head. They were building a medical response version and did run out of money. I recall a book about odd machines and this was in it. It was deemed only useful in places like the Baltic or Caspian Sea and not an open ocean platform.

      • I saw its stats on Wikipedia and I was thinking its fuel range was too short for ocean travel. Like a helicopter, it can’t go very far without refueling. Though, unlike a helicopter, it can’t just land on a ship to refuel. I just like oddball tech, and this definitely qualifies.

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