Project 4

Huh? Number 4? Wa hap’n ta number 3 dude? Well, number 3 is done and sent off to the requester for feedback / approval / suggestions. It is done though.

Number 4 is one of two station projects I have had brewing for a long time. This one is a twofer in that I get a ship and a station. If you are a DS9 fan (I LOOOVE DS9) then this is well known. I am not sure anyone has ever done the model. This model was built a long time ago and has sat. Really all I did today was work on the texture for the rocket plane. I also had to finish (not seen here) the atomic rocket exhaust bell in the rear of the plane.

I attached a pic as glimpsed in the episode for comparison.

I am having to call it for the week. I’ll have little windows of time to tinker but this is the biggest update in a while.

See ya all later!

DS9 1950's

My DS9 CG model - Far Beyond The Stars


~ by cp40guy on June 2, 2014.

One Response to “Project 4”

  1. That’s cool. DS9 is a great show and I definitely see the resemblance.

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