Project 2

I did not get as far as hoped on project 2 of my dead project cleanup. I had a stretch goal of 3 things to wrap up and I think I may not make it. Awwwwww.

Anyway, project 2 is my Connie re-texture job. Things were going pretty smooth but a) life popped up for a short while and b) I ended up hating my saucer section. This was built in Wings way back and Wings does not have a lathe option. Well, there is this ‘trick’ to perform a lathe but I never got results that I liked. I ended up rebuilding it but wanted to do it in Wings versus just using MAX. Upside is I got a decent saucer, downside was it probably took to long to figure it out. As I may have to toss MAX soon (likely move to Blender and just for rendering) I wanted to try.

So, here is the NCC 1700 (Constitution) with some initial textures (diffuse only). I also did some weird thing with UV application that I could not figure out and had to remove everything and reapply. But, back on track now.

Just the single picture at this time. I don’t think I have to hide her in backgrounds anymore.

Constitution Class WIP

~ by cp40guy on May 30, 2014.

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