Hey, I finished it! Working on project #2 of the week and hoping to get to a couple more. We’ll see.

Anyway, the model needed a few minor parts and those specular and bump maps to complete. I added the ship name but it does not have a registration number, it’s a one off ship and not part of any fleet or organization. I did add a UESPA emblem I ‘borrowed’ from Dan Carlson’s excellent ST-MINUTIAE site (uh, thanks Dan!).

Here is a simple but properly rendered / post prod pic of the ship. I’ll have to come up with a scene for it. That has to wait for the time being.

Endeavor by Atolm

Also, for those who may wish to ‘play’ with this I uploaded the various passes for Photoshop. I don’t know, someone might have fun with it.

Here (they are 2048 pixel by 1536 pixel)


~ by cp40guy on May 28, 2014.

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