Endeavor – Wrapping Up

Have few days of opportunity to finish some long overdue projects (hopefully). I went for one of two simple projects first and that was the Endeavor. This is a design by Chris Reyes (AKA Atolm) and is a model he did for the game Star Fleet Command. I imported the original MOD file and converted it so I could look at in Wings 3D. I was able to easily crank out a model, obviously a pretty simple design, and then let it just sit around. And sit…and sit. I did get around to posting a long time ago a plan to finish this but that was it.

Today I opened up Photoshop and decided to emulate the texture design Chris applied to his model. I changed a number of things but think I got the look down so it would compare to the game model. Well, hopefully better – hopefully.

Here is the game model look:

Atolm Endeavor

Here is where I got after a few hours in PS.

Atolm's Endeavor
Atolm's Endeavor
Atolm's Endeavor
Atolm's Endeavor

Tomorrow I will get the final texture maps done (including specular and bump) so it can be properly rendered. I hope to also get most, if not all, of this week’s project 2 textures done.

~ by cp40guy on May 27, 2014.

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