Crappy Connie

I have never shown this before in any close up.

A long time ago, like every Trek modeler, I built a Constitution class. It’s like deciding you want to build plastic model airplanes – you go out and buy a P-51 or B-17. You open the box and see all those really cool parts hinting at a magnificent creation which you only need to piece together.

And you fail.

Come on – you know you did. Most move on and strive to develop their skills and return to that first kit and do better.

Not me.

There were so many out there and all so damn well done, I just did other things and stayed far…far away. (You have seen this but way in the background with marginal textures). But I have this project, one I have put off for a long time, and I want to finish it. So I have opened this back up and scrubbed off the UV mapping and tossed the textures. I plan only ‘marginally’ better ones though.

Be nice – I know it sucks.

Constitution class
Constitution class 2
Constitution class 3


~ by cp40guy on April 25, 2014.

One Response to “Crappy Connie”

  1. When I was a kid in the 60s and 70s I used to obsessively draw Enterprise, but I don’t think I tried doing vector schematics of her until about 5 years after I started my website. Of course, my schematics were just traces of Charles Casimiro’s blueprints. I don’t plan on ever drawing Enterprise again, but I had to draw her once. Some superstitious blueprinters believe that once you do Enterprise, you are ready for death. Sorry!

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