New Star Fleet Museum Entry – USS Horizon

Over at the Star Fleet Museum is a new entry, the USS Horizon. You can see the Museum entry here. This was a collaborative effort between Masao Okazaki, Dan Carlson and Allen Rolfes. I was very lucky to get to see it a bit early and started working on the 3D model of it.

Here it is so far – Wings 3D workspace:

Wings Wire
Wings 3D Wire

And a MAX save of the mostly done model.
MAX Render USS Horizon

This was the side project I talked about in an earlier post.


~ by cp40guy on March 10, 2014.

2 Responses to “New Star Fleet Museum Entry – USS Horizon”

  1. Nice, nice….

  2. Wow, you work fast. I just saw this on Bernd’s site a few days ago and was considering maybe building one sometime in the future. And here you are with one nearly completed. 😉 (yes, I know you had a head start, but it’s still fast work)

    As always, your modeling is superb.

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