Found Files – USS Capella

I was cleaning up and reorganizing my disk drive and found a few files I forgot about. One was a 90% complete Museum ship waiting for the ‘paint booth’. Just posting a few views I had of it.

Will have to finish this one too!

Capella Class
Capella Class
Capella Class
Capella Class


~ by cp40guy on February 23, 2014.

5 Responses to “Found Files – USS Capella”

  1. I remember when you were working on this. As far along as it is, it definitely needs to be finished.

  2. I like how the longitudinal cylinders at the edges of the hull mirror the nacelles. But maybe the thick, uniform hull form is a bit oppressive. Oh well.

  3. But… I think there’s a lot of visually interesting details on the dorsum.

  4. I think it’s fine! That last image does look a little boring when we’re used to the glorious Constitution class. But this is a “space jeep”, right? It’d be a lot more utilitarian.

  5. I think this looks awesome! Please, I would love to see this finished!!

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