Low Poly ‘upgrade’ pt3

Spent the weekend at the Seattle home show. Exhausted. Learned some new things that will become projects (as opposed to paying someone) at the house. I also got a little side tracked on another 3D project. Nothing to show now as it aligns with another project that is being worked on.

I did work on the Predator more however. I was able to get those spine things built. Thought it would be real easy in 3D Max but was not. Tried lofted spines and a few other tricks but it looked horrible. I went back to Wings and, oddly, in my frustration I just whipped the object up in about 7 minutes. So I finished the base textures and rendered the below images. I will spend this week on the detail maps, bump and specular. This is getting to be fun.

Predator Class
Predator Class Star Trek


~ by cp40guy on February 16, 2014.

One Response to “Low Poly ‘upgrade’ pt3”

  1. That’s a handsome little ship!

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