Low Poly ‘Upgrade’

Back to work on a long delayed Museum project. For a set of scenes I will be doing I need the Predator class destroyer. I have such a model but only with a very low polygon count (so – rough close up). I spent a few hours, yesterday, smoothing out a number of parts. Today I am starting the texture set. I will need two ship registries and this is just a placeholder.

It has a few parts missing that are difficult in Wings to make correctly. I have imported it into MAX and setup all the smoothing groups required. After I get the main texture setup I’ll add the missing stuff and correct a few things I don’t like.

Star Trek Predator Class
Star Trek Predator Class


~ by cp40guy on February 2, 2014.

3 Responses to “Low Poly ‘Upgrade’”

  1. Looks great, bro. This and the Avenger are a couple of my favorites from Masao’s fleet. I don’t know how you do as much as you do in Wings, but I never tried it much beyond a few tutorials.

    • Thanks!

      I don’t know how you do as much as you do in Wings..

      I surprise myself too at times. As you and others know, there is very little documentation for the tool. What little there is is not always comprehensible. Sort of like Blender. Unlike Blender, I can get past it.

      • I remember trying to learn Blender 2.49 with the “documentation” from Blender 2.34, or something like that. (that was the newest version they had) It was an uphill battle.

        I just never took to Wings. Though, back when I used TrueSpace, I did keep a copy installed because it has a mirror modeler, a feature the version of TrueSpace I used was lacking. (and the one in TS7 was a piece of crap) I used to export stuff to .obj, import it into Wings, mirror it, then export it back into .obj and load it into TrueSpace.

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