Back to the Museum

Not much to see. I need lots of ships for my never ending (but hope soon) Star Fleet Museum showcase. While I have managed to not lose, over the years, a few of the various ships I have done, they are all high poly. My old dual core computer and Max software just slogs when the poly count gets very high.

I am not a patient man.

My solution is to create a large number of the ships in low poly. As I scale back to encompass the museum model they soften.

Here are the Little Nell M/AM demonstrators. They lack details that will be lost anyway.

Little Nells

As always, original designs by Masao Okazaki


~ by cp40guy on December 7, 2013.

3 Responses to “Back to the Museum”

  1. Looks nice! …But the first Little Nell was destroyed during testing. 😉

    (Maybe there’s a replica or something. Ahh, the power of rationalization.)

  2. Maybe it’s a hologram or an inflatable replica?

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