A redo – fix – request

I had a request, on an older post, for permission to use a planet image I had made. I did it a while back (a long while back) and did not have the original file. The image I posted had a watermark and that was no longer valid (site name that is long gone) and obscured the image. So I replied that I would just go into the source files and recreate it.

Easy, right?

I found the image files and loaded them into Photo Shop. Did some quick manipulation and compared to the original file. Not even remotely close to the first image. I have no idea where the file went but imagine the folder name started with ‘trash’. But now I have the new image file below. Took about 45 minutes to compile. The source files were for 3D Max and I think the originals were just for PS. I don’t know – too long ago.

Well, if you’re out there you can ask for this file in a large’ish size or just snag this one.

This exercise started with this post Coincidence.

This is Kepler 140h. I gave my self some room but they will likely have this number surpassed soon!

Fictional Kepler Planet


~ by cp40guy on November 7, 2013.

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