SFM Annex Redo – pt 3

Some additional progress on the museum mesh. Mostly working on textures as time permits. I have a few left to noodle out and then I will probably go back and add some finer detail to a few textures once I see the whole thing done.

I have just started trying to get comfortable with LightWave 11 (trial). I am looking to upgrade to a Xeon or i7 (4th gen) box here pretty soon (understand ‘soon’ for me is glacial). In doing so I will no longer be able to use my MAX (ancient). I have used MAX 2012 in the past and it is, from a user perspective, the same. Would be an easy upgrade but is twice as much as LightWave. Sort of a budget buster. So that has been getting in the way of some of my work lately.

Any way – here is a quick single pass look with the latest textures.

Star Fleet Museum pt3


~ by cp40guy on July 20, 2013.

One Response to “SFM Annex Redo – pt 3”

  1. That’s looking really nice, Thomas!

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