SFM Annex Redo – pt 2

More work. Masao recently commented that the docking arms seemed a little over sized after viewing my last update. He felt that this may have been an artifact of scaling up an older version based on the TOS station he designed (Vanguard). I looked at the scale and determined the docking ring arms are pretty large. In height alone they are just over 6 stories tall (to provide a scale reference). I decided that the diameter of the ring was a little too large as well. I re-sized them based on a about 10 meter height which would allow for plenty of space for conduit and other assorted needs for ship support.

Some texture work was started as well. Again, simplifying to minimize polys, most of the detail will be in large but manageable textures.

Thanks for looking –
SFM Annex
SFM Annex 2
SFM Annex 3


~ by cp40guy on July 5, 2013.

2 Responses to “SFM Annex Redo – pt 2”

  1. Looking good, dude. Ten meters definitely sounds more realistic than six stories. 😉

  2. Thanks, Thomas. I think that looks better. Goes to show that 2D can fool you!

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