TOS style render

Working on a project for someone and did a few renders using the Pyotr Velikiy Class mesh I built. The ask was to give a TOS style ‘in orbit’ view. In this (rejected – though nicely) render I took it sort of literally. I attempted to create a TOS, 1960’s level effect, planet. I then did a side view and grained it appropriately.

This particular design does not lend itself to the same style of perspective / beauty shots as the Constitution class.

My finished image (click for 1024 pixel version)

In Orbit

And the TOS inspiration image (from episode The Apple) – Image lifted from Memory Alpha
TOS Generic


~ by cp40guy on June 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “TOS style render”

  1. You definitely got the TOS style down with the overdone lighting and your planet looks like it’s straight out of the series. Unfortunately, “flat” ships like this don’t lend themselves well to side view beauty shots. I know this is what somebody asked for, but you’d probably be better off doing one of the front/rear 3/4 orbit shots like they did on the show with this ship. Though, really, the design lends itself much better to a more Voyager-style shot, since Voyager was more “flat” than most of the Enterprises.

    • You are correct. The pic that was selected was a 3/4 view with my more contemporary shading approach. The planet was still TOS’ish however.

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