Honor Harrington – Rampart texturing

Okay, yes, off track again. Still working away on my various Museum fillers but wanted to take a break. I opened my Honor Harrington Rampart class destroyer escort. Last I left it I was fixing some serious smoothing flaws on the hull. I tackled most of them a while back and just had to tweak a few other small areas. All looked good so I opened up Photo Shop to see if I could get a basic texture done.

I was surprised that I was able to get a fair amount done in a short period. I have the main hull and ‘hammers’ done. The bits and pieces that make up the rest of the ship should be pretty easy as well. The WIP images below, a basic fill pass and a direct light with SPEC on, show the underpinnings of the texture. These are done for a wider audience versus how they would look based on real life observations and descriptions in the book. But hey – it’s just for fun (yep -really).

Without further ado:

Honor Harrington Ship
Honor Harrington Ship

As always, ship originally built in Wings 3D and then imported into 3D Max.


~ by cp40guy on March 30, 2013.

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