Annex stuffer – Quetzalcoatl Class

As indicated yesterday, I am working to finish the Annex project I started about – er – 3 years ago. To achieve the renders I would like, and Masao has suggested, I need to stuff the museum with all those wonderful ships he designed. Problem, I don’t have them all. I did have a fair number at one time but have lost a few over the years (due to issues with not archiving properly).

While I do not imagine you would see them all from any particular angle; there are likely more that may be seen than I have. The answer was to see if I could mock up some low poly ships that will look okay stuffed into the various nooks and crannies of the station.

One ship I would have loved to have is the Quetzalcoatl. Love the name – enough said!

Here is a 1 hour and 15 minute SWAG at it in low’ish poly. I missed two small pieces but ran out of time for today. The idea will be to unwrap it so that I can do this in no more than three maps. We will see.

Pardon – low poly gets low rez 🙂 – ‘S’capped from my Wings3D workspace.

Quetzalcoatl Class
Quetzalcoatl Class
Quetzalcoatl Class
Quetzalcoatl Class


~ by cp40guy on March 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “Annex stuffer – Quetzalcoatl Class”

  1. Worry not. The Starfleet Museum moves at a geologic time scale.

  2. Somebody on a forum was asking the other day how good of a program Wings was. I should have just pointed him here. 😀

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