Uranus – Rendered

Well I have not had time to do the actual render I wanted for this ship. The extra ‘part’ I have for it is not fully textured yet. I have moved on to working out the detail for the Museum Annex project so I shelved that. However, the annex work I can do on another computer so I setup a series of renders (ambient, diffuse, specular – yada, yada, yada) on my principal machine. About 3 hours later I tossed the complete images into Photo Shop.

I also decided to play with the setup on the image. I know this is not for everyone. I am not sure what I really want in the voids. Maybe? – to be continued. Meanwhile…

Soon to be seen, I have started to build and ‘rebuild’, in low poly form, some of the museum ships I do not have. They will be ‘stuffers’ I will use to fill out the museum. I figure they will look fine and help with managing rendering time.

So here is ATOLM’s finished Uranus.

Uranus Class - ATOLM


~ by cp40guy on March 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “Uranus – Rendered”

  1. I like it. I wouldn’t mind more views, but I know missing textures can make that problematic. 😉

    • The ‘missing’ part is not this ship. I had an idea that required another element which is not done. Other views are highly likely.

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