SFM Annex – An Update (pt 1)

I spent this last weekend tweaking the specular maps for the Uranus class ship. After looking at a few quick previews, created to see how the specular effect looked, I noticed one had a nice angle that gave me an idea for a render. I’ll have to redo something laying around in my junk files to complete the image, for the moment this gets moved off to the side.

This tangent also got me to thinking about finishing a big project I have been promising to do. I REALLY plan on getting this done. Really.

This project involves the Star Fleet Museum Annex. I originally built this 2 1/2 years ago (!!!). After some feedback, good feedback, I realized I needed to make some changes. The list of things I felt needing attention included some scale adjustments, adding interior elements and poly count reduction.

The two attached images are the start to this. First, I rebuilt the top (administrative) dome and reduced the view ports to a reasonable scale, they were reduced about 40%. I also reduced the dome poly count by about 20%. Second, I hollowed out the main hanger section and built doors. This required having to consider what the interior would be composed of. This change increased poly count having additional faces on the inside. Not too bad though.

Anyway – now I have to think about how this interior is going to flesh out. Fun times.

Star Fleet Museum Annex

Star Fleet Museum Annex

~ by cp40guy on February 19, 2013.

5 Responses to “SFM Annex – An Update (pt 1)”

  1. Did I ever send you the interior layout stuff I knocked up? They haven’t been Rolfe-approved, but I managed to make find space (inside and out) for almost everything.

    • I recall you mentioning this. I do not see in my archive of SFM assets an internal layout. Does it mean you did not send it? NO 🙂 Means I don’t have it!

      Would love to have it.

  2. OK. I’ll send it.

  3. Nice – thanks! Looks like I’ll need a shoe horn 🙂

  4. Since the ships are static, I thought I could pack them in like sardines. I wanted the display to look like the early airliners hall of the National Air and Space Museum.

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