Fugley is back

I was working on two projects this weekend and each lead to a level of frustration.

My secret project was the first wall I hit. I was not paying attention to the (limited) resource material I am drawing on. I found that the one element I shared has a number of accuracy issues and I will have to redo the mesh. Okay, I can live with that but want to start FINISHING something.

Okay. I opened up one of my Harrington ships to finish. They are all done but need texture work. So I work real hard and come up with some nice starter pieces and apply them. Quick test render and huh-oh! The hammer (the knobs on each end of the ship) has some serious smoothing issues. So I try and try to correct it. And try. And quit. I finally determined it is an issue with the original way WINGS 3D made the mesh. I proved this by recreating the hammer from scratch in MAX. But now there are a fair amount of cut outs to do.

Wall. Face. Smash.

Sunday evening, I have not done anything. One last chance. Open the Atolm Gemini class. Dang, I spot a smoothing issue and it is bad. Never saw it before. So I do some ‘cutting’ and get all the elements separated, smooth ’em and attach everything back. Whoa! It is fixed.

Okay, press my luck and add portholes and view ports. Was going to texture them originally. Hey, they look good too. So, now it is late, I open Photo Shop and work up a base texture for the saucer top. Not bad. We’ll see – maybe I’ll get something done before the year ends!

Okay – no more writing.

Gemini Class Atolm design

Gemini Class Atolm design

Gemini Class Atolm design


~ by cp40guy on December 17, 2012.

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