(Really not) Secret Project #1

Really, how secret can it be since I am posting it? Well, at least one person has no idea what this is or what this will ultimately be. But for now, smug in my thinking that ONE of you won’t get it, I will move along.

This will be a very 1950’s project. This first element is an atomic rocket plane. More power R-R-R-R-Rrrr! No need for fancy heat tiles or composite, heat ablating, skin. Just unlimited power for ascent and descent.

It will be very ‘clean’ though the one image below with a texture is preliminary. And, so much for catching up on all my other stuff. Though this has been in my list for years.

Atomic Rocket Plane

Atomic Rocket Plane

First texture – a start
Atomic Rocket Plane


~ by cp40guy on December 9, 2012.

One Response to “(Really not) Secret Project #1”

  1. I always like the retro looking stuff, can’t wait to see more on this one…

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