Of Things to Come

I was going to write up some little story to go with this image (a request BTW). Unfortunately, I was reading the SFM history on the PV class and it’s shard timeline with the D6. My story would not hold up but you get the picture anyway 🙂

Klingons surround


~ by cp40guy on December 3, 2012.

4 Responses to “Of Things to Come”

  1. DROOL!!!

    IMO I think the PV could be a little larger in frame, but that’s an awesome scene!

    I am now hearing the theme from “The Enterprise Incident” in my head. DUN DA DA DUN!

  2. Outstanding, bro. I love classic scenes redone with different models. 😀

  3. Just great!

  4. Nothing wrong with these ships appearing together.

    I suspect the PV is captained by one of those numbskull desk jockeys trying to put some space-time on his resume.

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