Best of the Month – December 2012

It’s almost the end of the year – wow. I have posted almost nothing these past few months and have done very little work in 3D (or 2D for that matter). However, I still find time to cruise around and look at other folks work!

Here is a great one and a cross over. The artist, and he truly is that, is Anders Lejczak. He lives in Sweden but was born in Poland. He is an amazing aircraft artist but has ventured a few times into Sci-Fi. The piece showcased here was done a few years ago but the model is available for people to use. I have seen some others use this in some amazing art.

Also, check his site and look at the image gallery (here you go – so easy). When you view either of the images he did with the model look at the other links on the picture’s page. There is a great texture tutorial.

Ramjet by Anders Lejczak

Latest example of his aircraft work! Outstanding!

Super JAS Gripen Drone by Anders Lejczak


~ by cp40guy on December 1, 2012.

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