Thank you Star Trek…agian!

warp effectWarp drive just became a little more real. This story has been floating around the web for a few days but I thought I would share it anyway. It has been on (I hate their site) and other sites with ‘technology’ sections.

I think the Gizmodo story is fun so I have the link to them here.

For a while now science has said warp drive could likely work but you would need energy mass on the scale of the known universe! By the 80’s, I believe, they said they could probably parse that WAY DOWN to the mass of Jupiter (1.8986×1027 kg). But now they think it can be reduced way..way..way down to doable technology. – Read the story :).

Reading the story brought back the Wesley Crusher story with the Traveler – read the story.


~ by cp40guy on September 20, 2012.

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