26th Century Federation – things

I needed some mind emptying today. I was just jammed with tonnes of stuff and I needed to doodle to clear things. Who knows where I will go with these (remember all my other abandoned stuff?). These are smaller 26th century era Federation ships of some type. The exercise was really to see what I could do with a cube that I stretched and segmented a bit then smoothed the hell out of it.

Each one was about 30 minutes.

Now all my free time is used up. Sigh.

Odd Trek designs 1
Odd Trek designs 2
Odd Trek designs 3

~ by cp40guy on August 29, 2012.

One Response to “26th Century Federation – things”

  1. Cool. I really like the flatter, wide winged one. The other one is good, but that’s my favorite. It’s good that your experiment worked. I hate when I think I have a way to model something and then I try it and things go horribly wrong. Clearly, you had great success on this one. 🙂

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