Klingon D6 pt7

Digression – I had high hopes of finishing the D6 this weekend. I really had no plans or ‘honey-dos’ laid out for me. But. I drive a RAV4, which we have had since 1997, and it’s in really good shape and I fully expect it to last a while since I only drive it about 4000 miles year.

The RAV exterior is looking a little dumpy though and is showing it’s 152K miles. I have neglected the paint for a few years and thought I should try and get it fixed. I talked with a body shop and they said they could ‘cut’ the coat and make it all shiny again. They ‘only’ wanted about $2K to do that (Blue Book is $3K for the car). I did some research and found that there are commercial products you can get and do it yourself.

Nine hours later and with VERY sore shoulders I can say that it can be done. It looks pretty nice. I can see all the little road rash marks now and the few small dimple dents from rude people who throw their doors open in parking lots. But it does look great.

End digression.

Sunday afternoon I spun up the computer and played with the D6 some more. I got a large number of things done and some widgets added that were missing. I am very close to being done now – really 🙂

Updates –

Klingon D6 WIP
Klingon D6 WIP
Klingon D6 WIP


~ by cp40guy on July 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “Klingon D6 pt7”

  1. Thomas, do you have a D7? I’ve always wanted to see a D7 flanked by a couple of D6s, sort of like that pic of the Lancaster and Paris ships together.

  2. Great! Thanks, Thomas.

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