Klingon D6 pt3

I have decided to focus on the larger assemblies as I texture. I will go back and sweep up the smaller items afterwards. With that; I just completed the wing/pylon section of the D6. I really like this bugger.

I took a compromising approach on the details. John Eaves designed an awesome D4 and when you look at it the details are all just big major seams to make it pop. But when you watch Enterprise you see all these ships with mostly homogenous textures and massive panels (bumps) on stuff. Then you have the various D7 and modern Klingon ships with the plates.

My ship has some lines, here and there, and then colored panels. They have a small ‘bump’ applied which I may push up but will wait for rendering to see if I will.

Here are those wings.

Klingon D6 cruiser

Klingon D6 cruiser


~ by cp40guy on July 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “Klingon D6 pt3”

  1. I like your approach, Thomas. When designing ships, I’ve always tried to follow Matt Jeffries’s idea that the surfaces of ships should be smooth because going out to fix equipment on the outside of ships is dangerous. I also believe that ship designs should derive from their shapes rather than from their surface treatments. Accordingly, many 21st century movie ships, with their over-reliance on surface detail and often undecipherable shapes, leave me cold. (I also think that “outer space” is actually full of air, explaining why we can hear explosions in movies, why explosions billow, and why streamlining is necessary. This also explains why the crew of USS Palamino could swim without spacesuits over from Cygnus in The Black Hole.) Therefore, I think how the Klingon cruiser appeared in the original Star Trek was an accurate representation of the ship’s appearance, given the limitations of Kodak film of the 1960s and the difficulty of filming in zero G. The way you are modeling and texturing is completely consistent with that.

    • I appreciate that. I cannot agree more. Anyone who has ever seen a submarine should get how they are ‘star ships’. I see the details I have added as more a cosmetic detailing or maybe an equivalent to hardening (extra plating). You have to get to it from the inside or not at all.

      Look what happened to poor Frank Poole because he had to go out and fix the damned AE-35 unit!!!

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