Honor Harrington – New Ship Type pt1

I survived the 4th and I hope you all had a safe and sane holiday (well for you US viewers). I had this strange idea I would catch up on a number of projects but that was not to be. We finally had a nice and dry day here in the PNW so my wife and I went out and did some serious gardening. That took up a big chunk of the day and most of my energy.

This is not to say I did not get some CG modeling time. I did some further work on the Klingon D6, got the engines finished, and it is now been moved to the ‘paint booth’. Looking forward to finishing that one.

I also moved this ship from WINGS to MAX. This meant a lot of smoothing work with the imported and converted mesh file. The images below do not have all the smoothing issues resolved but the major pieces are done. I also have to clone numerous details like missile hatches and sensors but they can wait for textures.

This is a class of ship I came up with on my own. It is a DD-MA (Destroyer, Missile – Anti). For those who follow the books; I felt this was a logical extension of the ship classes being introduced in recent books and the analogous evolution of World War II classes (like the introduction of carriers). In WW II the US had AA Cruisers (Atlanta Class) and Escort Destroyers that were very capable AA / ASW platforms. The Japanese Navy also had AA destroyers.

This class, the Rampart, would be a ship designed during the Mission of Honor time frame (1920-22 P.D.). It can spew out a large number of Anti-missile missiles and decoys. This class would be used to escort carriers, colliers and freighters.

Honor Harrington warship
Honor Harrington warship
Honor Harrington warship


~ by cp40guy on July 5, 2012.

3 Responses to “Honor Harrington – New Ship Type pt1”

  1. “Nice and dry day.” Hmph, we’re in a heatwave and drought. I nice and wet day would be appreciated. 😉

    I had a great 4th. Watched fireworks on TV from both DC and Boston in the nice, cool air conditioned living room and avoided the heat, bugs and crowds. (plus, I got to see them closer ;))

    The ship looks great so far. Though, as I’ve said before, I don’t know anything about Honor Harrington.

  2. I tried reading one of the Honor Harrington books (might have been on your recommendation, TP) but couldn’t get into it. Seemed to “YA.” I am reading Ender’s Game now and enjoying it.

    I must say, though, that anyone who has complained of my Bison-class ships being phallic have never seen one of these Honor-verse ships.

    • YA!? LOL!! First time I heard that. They are sometimes verbose books as David Weber seems to believe a large portion of his audience was educated in the US and missed (flunked?) history class. He goes into way too much explain through the use of mental soliloquy that can lose the reader.

      Yes, very phallic.

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