Klingon D6 pt1

With my PC fixed I find life getting back to normal(ish). While I seem to be very busy lately I found time to decompress and open up WINGS 3D and MAX again and get back to some neglected projects.

First up is Masao’s Klingon D6 cruiser. I have shown this before and it was mostly complete. I stepped back and took a long look and decided to tweak it a little bit. This is about 90% complete with just some minor elements to add. The big change was the neck, adding port holes, and the big hull grills. I just liked the look so there they are.

Klingon D6
Klingon D6
Klingon D6
Klingon D6


~ by cp40guy on July 1, 2012.

3 Responses to “Klingon D6 pt1”

  1. I really like this ship and look forward to building my own version. Your’s is looking really good so far.

  2. Awesome stuff. I’ve always liked this design. 😀

  3. I designed this as a “slim-shouldered” little sister of the D-7. More a destroyer than a battleship. I also wanted to reverse the relative sizes of the “hat” and the “head” at the front of the ship.

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