World Building – The never ending frustration.

6/14/2012 – EDIT | UPDATE
Quick update – not new post worthy.

I scored on some very nice 8K cloud maps that are perfect. I changed to a geosphere object from a standard sphere. If I get the segmentation up to a high value (>16) the render just sits there 🙂

Here is where I am at now:

3D MAX planer take 2

Yep – sort of big when you click

6/14/2012 – END EDIT | UPDATE

I need some planets. I would like to be able to render them in MAX as well.

The thing is, I have found, that you need BIG A$$ maps if you want it to look good. I thought 4K was pretty awesome but NOOOOOOOOO! Apparently, 8K is the bomb, the man, the gold standard, for sphere wrapping goodness and deity like correctness.


So, what the heck. I slogged away for about 8 hours (cumulative) with photo shop and created a world. No way to treat a recently revived computer. And, it needs some work but does not look to bad. Open issues:

1) Atmosphere is not exactly right
2) Cloud map is that famous web one – I need to make one that is bigger
3) My sphere does not have enough segmentation (yes Chris, I see that… :D)
4) When you get close the displacement makes it look like lizard skin.

But – not bad.

3D MAX Planet

I am big and take some time to load.

3D Max World Close

Not as bad as above


~ by cp40guy on June 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “World Building – The never ending frustration.”

  1. Actually, those both look pretty good.

    Ugh, I feel your pain. Planet building is a pain. The size of maps you need depends on the resolution and how close you intend to get. If you’re close enough to see the details, you need big maps. However, you can also just do the part that’s seen to save memory and to use smaller maps. 😉

  2. Commenting on the update: I like the new clouds, those look great. I also like the toned down atmosphere dome. 🙂

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