USS Ptolemy

Formerly the ‘lesser known ship’ project. I cheated in that I have used the very cool Kepler-22b wallpaper created by Alpha-Element.

See Alpha-Element’s work here

I gave the ship a name and class. Ptolemy is the name and it is in the Cartographer class. Again, this class is just used to go where men have already boldly gone, found it to be safe and harmless, but hey – let’s see what there is of value here.

Thanks for looking.

Ptolemy at Kepler-22b


~ by cp40guy on June 13, 2012.

5 Responses to “USS Ptolemy”

  1. Very nice! This is the first project where I’ve seen the detailed progression as the model was built. It gives me a little better appreciation for those “unseen details” that go into making this kind of art.

  2. Very nice image, Thomas. 😀

    Though, you do know there’s a Ptolemy-class, right? Of course, one could argue that it’s not “canon,” but it is widely accepted by Trekkies.

    • Buzz kill! Thanks a load. I complete;y forgot about that design. I’m not a fan of it so I will claim ignorance. Or better yet – J.J. verse version.

      • It’s easily explainable. Option 1: this ship predates the Ptolemy-class. Option 2: This ship is a later ship. The Ptolemy after which the class is named could have been destroyed and this ship was built. Option 3: Just ignore the Ptolemy-class. As I already said, it’s not even “canon.”

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