Part 10 – Lesser known Trek ships

Not much time to do much of anything. I have stolen some time, here and there, to address missing textures. I put some texture maps or standard textures together and slapped them onto my little ship. I also did some work on the bussard which really won’t be seen but (if done right) should make a nice effect.

We will see.

Here is where I am.

Star Trek Concept 29
Star Trek Concept 30
Star Trek Concept 31
Star Trek Concept 32

I noticed in the top image that I did not attach the blade thingies to the spinner 🙂 I’ll have to fix that.


~ by cp40guy on May 16, 2012.

One Response to “Part 10 – Lesser known Trek ships”

  1. The textures look great. I like the bussard innards a lot. 🙂

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