Honor Harrington – Dreadnaught pt 2

Well, crap. I lost the mesh for my dreadnaught. I have no idea where it went but did have an older version of the WINGS 3D file I had based the correction off of. So, once again I corrected the scaling issues and built it out. This time I added some details meant to come later as I had indicated when I last worked on this.

I added escape hatches for life boats. I put the main exchanger assembly along the top. Added a (will have many) com / LIDAR assembly. I also had to, again, correct all the smoothing issues from importing the Wings 3DS file format export into MAX. It actually went pretty quick versus last time (about an hour). I also changed the Alpha and Beta nodes ring assembly (for non-Harrington Universe folks – they allow the ship to move and enter hyperspace).


Honor Harrington Dreadnaught

Honor Harrington Dreadnaught

Honor Harrington Dreadnaught


~ by cp40guy on May 3, 2012.

One Response to “Honor Harrington – Dreadnaught pt 2”

  1. Looking great, bro. I’m sorry to hear you lost some of your work, that’s always painful. 😦

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