Best of the Month – May 2012

Art of James Clyne
May 2012 best goes to James Clyne.
In my never ending search for good stuff to steal, er, learn from, I came across this artists site.

James is currently a VFX Art Director at Paramount. His resume is impressive and he has worked on a large number of projects including the current JJ Trek sequel. Not shown but of the biggest interest to me was the concept pieces on his site from Avatar and 2012. I was looking for panel treatments for very large items. Scan through his stuff – pretty cool.


~ by cp40guy on May 1, 2012.

One Response to “Best of the Month – May 2012”

  1. Yeah, James Clyne does awesome work. I’ve seen some of his concept work from Star Trek (2009) and it’s really impressive. That’s a really nice piece you posted.

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