Part 8 – Lesser known Trek ships

I just blew the dust off this project (one of many needing that). I needed to simply ‘paint’ something, I so miss physical models. As I added some additional textures I looked at a few mesh changes as well. The ‘Jefferies Tube’ got enlarged as it was too small for an engineer to crawl through. It is to scale now. I also ‘bobbed’ the deuterium tank under the engineering extension to make room for an ‘Excelsior’ style equipment rack. Of course I will now need to put something there to complete it.

Need to create some greebles / widgets to fill out the insets over the impulse engines. I also am looking to add the bussard assembly. Oh, all the cabins are modeled now.

Star Trek concept

Star Trek concept 2

Star Trek concept 3

Star Trek concept 4

~ by cp40guy on April 24, 2012.

2 Responses to “Part 8 – Lesser known Trek ships”

  1. She’s looking great, Thomas. I like the fact that you’re going back and fixing some stuff to make the ship more realistic. 🙂 I still like this design a lot. (eventually, I may do that refit I spoke of long ago ;))

  2. She’s really starting to come together. I like the front of the warp engine.

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