Real Space

Most everyone probably saw this the other day but I still had to post. I really like seeing these pics as they provide great studies for rendering and post image creation. Here is the ESA robotic cargo ship docking with the ISS during the ‘night’. I especially like the flares from the thrusters. Interesting to note the atmosphere in the background.

From a modeling perspective, the Earth looks as if it was done wrong – it looks like two spheres placed together with poor transparency. Also interesting is the cities.

This image is from the NASA web site.

ISS and ESA cargo

Click for 1600 × 1200


~ by cp40guy on April 10, 2012.

One Response to “Real Space”

  1. I’ve always loved finding these kinds of shots. Lots of NASA photos are very matter-of-fact and functional, not as focused on the aesthetics of space. (Like the fact that many space shots have no stars in them due to the overwhelming sunlight or relatively short shutter speed.) There’s still no special effects like real life!

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