Cracker Nebula redo

Took some advice.

Spent some time in Photoshop and Max with the mesh. Don’t ask where the time came from – I owe it back (ugh). Anyway…

I realized, after said advice, I did not have specular maps for this ship, I had the base textures with layers just for that in the PSD files but never saved them out.

Okay done those.

Rendered the ship out again with a different view and larger output images (4K). Put it all in PS. Spent some additional time with the background as well. The original render, placed in PS, had 5 layers and this ended up with 10. Four of those layers are collapsed multi layer sets which I did to keep it easy.

So, better?

Star Trek Romulan Cracker

Click for larger


~ by cp40guy on April 10, 2012.

3 Responses to “Cracker Nebula redo”

  1. Holy sheep shit that’s great Tom! I was going to say more spec yesterday but this really rocks the house.

  2. Spec(tac)ular! *rimshot*

  3. Wow, dude. That’s 1,000% better. Fantastic image. 😀

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