Cracker and Green Nebula thing

Eh. Trying desperately to get into rendering. Modelling, no problem. I have so much crap, er stuff, sitting on my disk that I do not know what to do. I just cannot get into rendering. I’m not great at it to begin with but I just cannot get excited. So, with that wonderful preface – here is my Cracker (well, Masao’s design and my model) on patrol somewhere in Romulan space.

Romulan Cracker


~ by cp40guy on April 9, 2012.

6 Responses to “Cracker and Green Nebula thing”

  1. I’m not that fond of rendering either. I’d rather just model. But oh well. But still it’s a nice image.

  2. Would you like some advice or do you not really care that much?

  3. If you don’t like rendering, do you release your meshes for other people to play with?

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