Part 7 – Lesser known Trek ships

Some small time and I squeezed in some work. I decided to go ahead and cut in some port holes. It a small ship so they are just plain round. The facing polys are ‘clear’ so you can see the rooms I modeled in behind them. Why not.

Textures worked on as well and you can see how the specular maps add depth. All the detail is a result of the spec maps and are not part of the diffuse map at all.

Star Trek Concept v18

Star Trek Concept v19

Star Trek Concept v20

Not much time to do anything at the moment. I hope to get back on some other projects soon as well.


~ by cp40guy on March 27, 2012.

4 Responses to “Part 7 – Lesser known Trek ships”

  1. Wow this really turned out nice. Great job. Love it!

  2. The textures and windows look great. 🙂

    Modeled windows look better than textures, IMO. Especially when you add rooms behind them. That will create a more realistic look when you view the ship from different angles than a textured window will.

    • You are so right. But, generally my lack of time and patience in finishing a project keeps me form doing this. On the plus side, Wings 3D allows creating windows and the cabins a breeze.

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