What to do?
My wife and I are looking to consolidate devices – we moved into a condo about a year ago from our house which was three times the size. I have a desktop (older dual core WinTel) with XP. She has two laptops and only really uses or needs the one. She has proposed tossing the desktop in favor of me taking over the seldom used laptop which is a Dell Studio 1558.

The issue – it has Windows 7 and she does not want me to dual boot it with XP or downgrade to XP. I have 3D Max 4.2, my 3D program will not run in Windows 7. Sigh.

So, I could upgrade ($3600 USD – HA!!!!) or switch to a freeware program.

I love Max. It is easy (simple, intuitive, a monkey can use it) and I am at home with it. I have three freeware packages – Blender (doesn’t everyone?), TrueSpace and, now, Hexagon 2.5. The trouble is, I cannot get the hang of any of them. Documentation is (I know, free program) limited to crappy to – huh?

I know there are some less costly programs out there but I never got good at Lightwave either. Is it me? Am I just too set in my ways? Should I just sell the kidney and upgrade?

Stay tuned….


~ by cp40guy on February 15, 2012.

7 Responses to “Conundrum”

  1. One word. Lightwave!


  2. I have a similar problem in that Freehand, the program I’ve used since the early 1990s, no longer runs on the most recent Macs running OS X Lion, including my new main computer, a MacBook Air. I’ve installed Adobe Illustrator, but find it confusing, since it’s meant to be similar to Photoshop, which I also know little about. Luckily my office computer still runs Freehand, as does my old iBook, which I use only for Freehand.

    My question about your situation is why your wife opposes your installing XP if she no longer uses the laptop? I (being as wise as Solomon) rule that she should either let you keep the desktop or allow you to change the laptop to XP.

    • She will keep using it. The other box is her work system and it cannot be used for personal stuff, she has big brother software on it that makes sure of that. Don’t cross the streams! She really likes Windows 7 and has a few apps installed that she needs on occasion. Before she had a laptop to herself she used my desktop.

  3. What specific problem do you have with Max 4 on Windows 7? I may be able to help you get past it, if you can give me more info. IE: is it a 64-bit issue, or what?

    Also, if you can’t get it to run on Win 7 at all, there’s an option called XP mode. It’s basically a newer version of Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7. It will run a “basic” version of XP in a virtual system on top of Win 7. If you’re running Win 7 Pro or Ultimate, you can get it from Microsoft’s website. If you’re running Home Premium, you can get a Windows Anytime Upgrade from Home Premium to Pro for about $80.

    And, for a free alternate to XP Mode, if you have a retail box version of XP, you can always install some virtualization software like Virtual Box and set up a virtual system with XP on there. Though, don’t try it with restore discs because they come with OEM versions of Windows with a one-time use license, which binds to the system on which it’s installed. If you try to activate it on a virtual system, it will know it’s not running on the original hardware and activation won’t work. And, without activation, you can’t use Windows XP or newer for more than 30 days.

    • I have been told but never validated that it will not run. Something to do with the CDILLA run-time it uses to validate your license key. I refuse to stoop to cracked software so to stay on MAX I would have to buy it. I have tried XP mode on some stuff at work and had issues. Our IT guys looked at the problem and gave up saying it is buggy. This was with business stuff but theoretically should have worked.

      • Yeah, I’ve read that about XP mode also, though I’ve had good results running XP virtual systems on Virtual Box. I’ve run XP virtual boxes on both Windows and Linux hosts with no problems. It usually installs and runs pretty smoothly.

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