Part 3 – Lesser known Trek ships

And now some color. Well, not too much as time has not been kind to me of late. I probably went way over board as well on small details you cannot even see. The pylon inset and the warp nacelle inset maps are small in weight but big in size and detail. The images below hint at them but you will never really see them.

No idea why I did that 🙂

Random Star Trek ship
Random Star Trek ship

Random Star Trek ship


~ by cp40guy on January 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “Part 3 – Lesser known Trek ships”

  1. That is starting to look very slick!

  2. Looking great, T. I especially like the bussard and sensor dome. 🙂

  3. You worried about those tiny details because YOU know they’re there! Why does any artist sweat such small stuff? 😉

    I’m still not too fond of the nacelle-up configuration; it looks too much like a frying pan to me. But the design and textures look great. I like the outboard conduit that’s in front of the nacelle pylon.

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