Part 2 – Lesser known Trek ships

Minor nacelle modifications and a few surface details added. The navigation lights, docking clamp pad on the saucer and so on. I went with a few ‘back dated’ warp nacelle details.

[click image for big version]
[click image for big version]


~ by cp40guy on January 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “Part 2 – Lesser known Trek ships”

  1. It looks great. 😀

    Did you ever figure out the dimensions?

    • Yes, sorry.
      Overall length 101.1M, Saucer/Engineering 72M, Nacelle 62.3M Saucer height 19M and overall height 31.8M. The main saucer would have 2 decks.

      Arms – Probably a single PHASER bank with port and starboard emitters just off center of the deflector housing.

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