Lesser known Trek ships

The Federation is huge, even in the TOS era. We really, as everyone knows, only ever saw the Enterprise (or some Constitution re-skin). Obviously, as was intimated in later Trek shows, there were all types of ships in the Federation fleet. Not all ships would be front line types.

Over the years I have ventured out and come up with a few original designs of my own. Here is a new one, though something of a continuation of a design type I did many years back. I have lifted the design style from my earlier da Gama design. I have no name for it but look at it as an early TOS Nova class. With recent news of all the damn planets out there (reality catching up again with SciFi) I assume we would be looking at all these systems for their mineral wealth and for scientific studies. You would not need a big ‘arsed’ ship to do that.

And, yes, I am off the reservation again.

The ‘no idea what’:
TOS science ship
TOS science ship
TOS science ship

For those who may not have ever seen this – the ship that I based it off:
da Gama
da Gama

And – why not – another variant I have around.
da Gama tug
da Gama tug


~ by cp40guy on January 14, 2012.

7 Responses to “Lesser known Trek ships”

  1. I just saw this on SFM, but decided to wait until I came here to comment, as usual. I’m glad I did, since you showed your older models in the series. I remember those two, now that I see them again. 🙂

    Really nice work, I like this a lot. I’m not usually a fan of single nacelles, with one or two exceptions, and this has just been added to the list of exceptions. It really works with the compact design. I also like your concept, about not every ship is a “ship of the line.” There have to be workhorses in the fleet. I like to do that kind of work as well.

    Anywho, neat stuff as always, dude. 😀

    • Thanks! Coming from you it means a lot!

      • Hey, you do great work. In fact, I’m getting an idea for a TMP-era “refit.” What are you thinking in terms of dimensions and armament for this thing? I can pretty much guess the dimensions based off of the bridge, but I’d still like to know what you’ve got for that (in case your bridge is a different size than what I have in mind.) If I feel up to it, I might start fiddling with a mesh later tonight or tomorrow. 🙂

  2. These are all cool looking ships. I am drawn to the single nacelleed one.

  3. Chris, I will get the dimensions to you. The length is about 66 meters on the main hull. I need to factor in the sensor extension, dish and final nacell to get full length. She is small.

  4. These are fantastic designs. They work beautifully as less advanced counterparts to the Constitution-class. I love how wonderfully clunky they are.

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