Not great – not bad. Working hard on both composition and lighting.

An up the arse, point-blank, shot on a Romulan Capsize. The wing man is trying to get a turn on the Klingon but it won’t work. After the ‘kill’ this crew is happy with just the one less ‘without honor’ Romulan and heads for home. On the journey home the tale will grow, no doubt, of the great battle, one ship against many – of warrior honor and victory!

Happy Holidays all!

Click image for 1680×1260 view:


~ by cp40guy on December 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Point-blank”

  1. Looking really good. The only thing you might want is a little more orange and green (especially orange) hues hitting the hull, to make the ships blend with the nebula a bit more.

  2. Looks like that cloaking device test worked… the Romulans didn’t see ’em coming!

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