D6 update

Had a window this morning and tweaked the main hull (okay, re-did it). More a fit to a couple of the views now :D!

Made new wings (Masao – the wings not the program) as my originals were crap. Still, needs smoothing fixes as I imported from Wings3D which has it’s own unique method. Still, easier to model in it.

Heading out to the coast now – gone for a while!


~ by cp40guy on December 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “D6 update”

  1. I really like that first view… it emphasizes how slim the D6 really is. It also reminds me of the appearance of the D7 in “The Enterprise Incident.”

  2. Looks great, dude. 😀

    I love the proportions on this ship. It’s got some big ol’ fat engines and a big head. They needed to do some of the “canon” Klingon ships that way, IMO.

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