Fugly 1 in a series of…

This is an ATOLM based design (very loosely I have to say). His Uranus class that you can download for SFC. I don’t have the MOD file for this (could not find it) but have original board post images. They have been in my resource files for a couple of years.

I was inspired to do work on my build after the Paul Allen / Scaled Composites (Burt Rutan) announcement yesterday (12/13). I saw the new Stratolaunch Systems proposal and it triggered this ship in my mind.

Stratolaunch video

I have taken some big liberties on his original game design but it captures all the principal details.

Yes Chris – it’s FUGLY!

ATOLM Uranus classATOLM Uranus class
ATOLM Uranus class
ATOLM Uranus class


~ by cp40guy on December 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Fugly 1 in a series of…”

  1. He does do some very interesting designs.

  2. “Yes Chris – it’s FUGLY!”

    Damn. You know me too well. Since you already made my comment for me, what else is there to say. 😛

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