I was going through a pile of, well stuff, and found a back up USB 2.5 inch drive. The darn thing is toast but I just cannot seem to toss it. I started fooling with it and it decided to cooperate for a short while. I could not pull any MAX files off it but got was able to retrieve a few 3DS and Wings files before it erred out. Most of the stuff I have already rebuilt or have lost interest in. Some are lost items that can be cleaned up.

Here are a couple of actually complete items that I just need to texture. I’m kind of happy since one of these will come in really handy soon.

SFM – Puffin fighter from Masao
Star Fleet Puffin Fighter
Star Fleet Puffin Fighter

ATOLM ‘Warpship’ from his Star Fleet Command game series of ships.
ATOLM warp ship
ATOLM warp ship

So the drive goes back into the ‘one day I have to toss this’ pile. Who knows?


~ by cp40guy on December 7, 2011.

5 Responses to “Recovered”

  1. I like that War Ship! Finish it!

  2. That poor D5 is going to take a real beating, isn’t it? First the Romulans, now the Penguin fighters! 😉

  3. Actually… that’s not the Penguin, that’s the Puffin.

  4. Without markings, that Puffin looks like something out of Buck Rogers (the original, not the 70s version).

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