Changing gears – no surprise

Okay. I have shelved, for the time being, the Romulan station. I was looking at my ‘punch list’ for this project I am working on. In it I needed my Klingon D5 (or a D6) to be blasted to Etty-Bitty pieces. So I got my D5 out and realized how freak’n old it is. I think when I originally rendered this it had only an odd specular map applied to it.

So, I have whipped up about 80% of the textures this would need. They have been applied and below are some quick text passes. A few mesh changes as well. This beast was created in some weird way that I cannot even remember. I am not redoing this mesh except for some minor tweaks.

I am going to blast it apart some – that’s all that really matters.

Klingon D5 cruiser
Klingon D5 cruiser


~ by cp40guy on November 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Changing gears – no surprise”

  1. Very cool design. Love the textures!

  2. I can’t say I’m sad, I like this better than the Romulan station. (sorry, that’s just how it is)

    Dude, those textures look awesome. They really make the mesh, IMO. Without them, it looks like it’s not the world’s most detailed mesh, but they add a lot of detail. 🙂

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