All Your Base…

I am not fond of cats but I sort of behave like one. When presented with a shiny light or ball on a stick I can be easily persuaded to follow it around the room.

For example, just finished the Romulan Capsize and was looking at ways to render it. Aside from simple planets and such, what could I do that was different? And of course I have so may other projects to get to – ones promised and ones I just want to do.


What do I do? Model something else entirely of course.

This will go with the Romulan stuff.

Way too easy is my only saving grace. Maybe too easy or simple. This is mostly done – only spent about an hour on it.

Romulan Base
Romulan Base
Romulan Base


~ by cp40guy on November 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “All Your Base…”

  1. I like it. And you even found a way to incorporate that early Romulan logo. Kinda like a space station shaped like the American flag. 😉

  2. I like it also. And, yes, the design definitely says “Romulan” to me. Great stuff so far. 🙂

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